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Job loss or injuries and bankruptcies often go hand-in-hand.  If it's not the lost income from a wrongful termination causing a bankruptcy, it's likely to be medical bills from a sudden injury. A Harvard study found that half of the personal bankruptcies filed were a result of medical bills.  Most of these families had health insurance at the start of the injury, but lost coverage for a number of reasons.  A surprising number of families have been caught in the pitfalls when they thought they were fully protected.

The Barrett Law Firm, LLC, concentrates on helping you through tough times.  Whether it's guiding you through the maze of discrimination claims, advising you through your medical claims to avoid losing coverage and a resulting bankruptcy, or efficiently helping you through a financial crisis, we can be there for you. 

Being harassed at work creates a high level of internal stress. Injuries cause stress on the entire family.  Financial strains cause stress on the entire family.  Knowing there is path through can relieve that stress.  Call us and take advantage of the free consultation to see if we can help you find that path.

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